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Welcome to the Beleriand Frequently Asked Questions and Newbie Help page. Check out the following areas of help:


Q. What is a MUSH?

MUSH stands for "Multi-User Shared Hallucination." It is a text-based online world where many players are connected at the same time. This particular MUSH emphasizes Roleplay (RP): players create characters which represent inhabitants of this created world, and they RP their interactions with other characters, telling the story of their characters and of the world itself.

Beleriand's "theme" or setting is that of Middle-earth, from the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, in the time of the First Age, the setting of The Silmarillion and The Lays of Beleriand, as well as many other books.


Q. Wow, great, this is what I've been looking for! How do I get on?

This is tricky, because so much depends on what kind of computer you have and how it is configured. This page is on the World Wide Web, but the MUSH is on Telnet. Both are parts of the Internet. The first test to connect is to try clicking here. If that works, congratulations! Follow the directions on the connect screen and start setting up your character.

There are basically two types of software you may use to connect to a MUSH:

  1. A Telnet application. This can sometimes be a messy and unhelpful way to MUSH.
  2. A MUD Client. These are programs specifically made for MUSHing (or playing MUDs in general).

Telnet is a rather ugly way to connect to the MUSH, since it doesn't do any fancy text wrapping, and if someone says something while you're typing out a line, it will make a mess out of your line, making it hard to see what you're typing and hard to keep track of what's going on in the MUSH. A Client program is simply another program you use instead of Telnet to connect to a MUD.


  • If you use Unix/Linux/Mac OS X, you should be able to simply type in your terminal: telnet middleearth.net 4739.
  • If you use Windows, you already have a program called Telnet in your Windows directory on your C: drive. A better Telnet application for Windows is Putty.


Hope that helps! Download your client of choice and follow its instructions. Beleriand's host is middleearth.net and the port number is 4739. You may have to enter it as "middleearth.net 4739" or "middleearth.net:4739", or you may have to enter them separately. Good luck! As a last resort, please email me.


Q. How do I get help on commands in the game?

If you are new to MUSHing, the help files may seem confusing. Most of them are written in a specific style, however, and once you understand it the files are extremely helpful.

The first line of a help file on a command or function will normally be the syntax of the command. "Syntax" means the way the command needs to be typed in. In the help files, when the syntax of a command is described, square brackets [] mean that part of the command is optional and doesn't have to be typed in. Also, pointy brackets <> mean that part of the command needs to be replaced with a specific piece of information.

You should not type the [] or <> brackets when entering a command. For example, the syntax of the help command is: "help [<topic>]".

What this means is that to get help, you would type first the word "help" and then you could optionally type the name of a more specific topic in order to get help on that topic. Just typing "help" will work too (that's why the <topic> part is optional).

Some common commands that you should look at help for are:

Just type "help <command>" for help. Example: "help page".

There is help available on every standard MUSH command. If you see a command or someone mentions one to you that you want to know more about, try just typing: "help <command name>"--that will most likely bring up the help file on it.

Please note that just because there is help available on a command does not necessarily mean that the command can be used on this MUSH. The siteadmin of the MUSH can choose to turn off some commands. If there's something that you would like available, and it isn't, please ask an admin why not.


Q. Where can I find help on learning how to MUSH?

It is highly recommended that any new player read the MUSH manual, written by Amberyl. Amberyl's MUSH Manual is a fine way to learn the various "ins and outs" of MUSH programming. It is well written, and focused at both the technically oriented and the non-technically oriented individual. It is available here.

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