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The following are the Wizards of Beleriand. These are the players primarily responsible for the global administration of the MUSH, that is, overseeing the entire game, global code, anything outside or above the authority of the cultures, and in general making sure that the game runs smoothly and is a fun place for all.

Melkor Wizard         Hardcode & Maintenance.
Ulmo         Wizard         Advertising / Alts / Help, Admhelp & News / Local Code & ZMO / Managing Wizard / Purges / Global Code / Website.
Mandos         Wizard         Archarb / Combat System / Reserved Characters / Stats, Training & Languages / Trainers, Teachers & Healers.
Aulë         Wizard         Building & Quota / Global MP Coordination.
Telperion         Wizard         Newbie Trail & Character Generation.

You can also view a complete list of all Emeritus Admins.


This is the complete list of job specialization for Beleriand admins. These jobs are usually taken by wizards and royals, though in some areas it can also be taken by mortals. For further information about a specific job and who to contact, follow the appropriate link.

Advertising Alts
Archarb Building & Quota
Combat System Global Code
Global MP Coordination Hardcode & Maintenance
Help, Admhelp & News Local Code & ZMO
Managing Wizard Newbie Trail & Character Generation
Purges Reserved Characters
Stats, Training & Languages             Trainers, Teachers & Healers


Contact: Ulmo

This GA is the central coordinator of all efforts relating to the promotion and advertising of the MUSH, on all different levels and mediums. Mainly this means building up a larger presence elsewhere on the Internet, to improve the possibility for exposure.


Contact: Ulmo

The '-list alts' will be overseen by this admin, aiding in keeping it current. He will also answer questions regarding alts in general and monitor multiple alts held by a character. In addition, he will develop and implement policy regarding alts.


Contact: Mandos

The person designated to oversee the Arbiter corps is known as the Archarb. The Archarb is responsible for choosing, testing and appointing Arbiters; forming and implementing combat policy; arbitrating IC disputes; and acting as final authority on all questions of stats/training.

Building & Quota

Contact: Aulë

This admin is responsible for slowly going over the entire grid of the MUSH to inspect the quality and accuracy of the building. In areas uninhabited by any active culture, he personally will see to the repair and upkeep of these areas; in cultural areas, he will work with the culture in question on any problems. This admin will also consider requests for increased quota on a case by case basis and respond to any other needs that are deemed to fall within the scope of the job title.

Combat System

Contact: Mandos

The admin in charge of the Combat System is responsible for maintaining all code related to the game's built-in combat commands. He shall make revisions to the code as needed and evaluate the need for and viability of additional features.

Global Code

Contact: Ulmo

This GA has the responsibility of overseeing and maintaining all global softcode systems in the game. He will ensure that all coded systems operate predictably and without internal conflict. All requests for new code or modifications of existing code should be made to this GA. The following duties also currently fall under this job:

-MAIL: This admin is in charge of organizing the whole mail database, taking in ideas for new features, as well as making sure everything is running properly. Things like maintaining code, purging old and unused messages, as well as overseeing the players' mailboxes, are tasks pertinent to this job. Additionally, changes for existing boards as well as requests for new boards and mailing groups can be directed to this admin. Normally this last is restricted to culture wardens, unless it is of general MUSH interest.

-COM: This admin will also maintain all code related to the game's channel system and add/delete channels and features as needed. Requests for new channels or the deletion of old channels should be directed to this admin and should, except in unusual cases, come from the CWs.

Global MP Coordination

Contact: Aulë

This GA has the very important duty of overseeing all plots which involve multiple cultures. Such storylines may affect the entire IC world, and this GA works with the CAs of all involved cultures to ensure the plot runs smoothly and effectively and is OOCly satisfying to all as much as possible. MPs are so often utilized because they allow characters from all different cultures to interact. In addition, big events like the Dagor Bragollach allow for truly epic-scale RP.

Hardcode & Maintenance

Contact: Melkor

The GA in charge of hardcode holds perhaps the single most important responsibility on the MUSH: the maintenance and security of the server which runs our game. This admin must maintain the code and files necessary to compile and run the game, and must be prepared to correct any deficiencies which threaten the stability of the MUSH. This person is also responsible for analying the desirability of new hardcoded features to the game and their implementation.

Help, Admhelp & News

Contact: Ulmo

This area of responsibility includes the duties of writing, editing, posting and maintaining all files relating to MUSH help and information. He will consider the need for new postings, approve their final content and decide the most appropriate place for them to be included in the files.

Local Code & ZMO

Contact: Ulmo

The admin in charge of local code and ZMOs basically handles any questions and concerns about culture code and zone objects. His job is to oversee the functionality of area systems like the local weather, check that the proper attributes of the -culture command are set, make sure that the ZMOs are secure, and offer additional help for coding local commands. Cultures which lack admins in the area of coding are encouraged to contact this, or any other coder admin they feel comfortable with, for help.

Managing Wizard

Contact: Ulmo

The Managing Wizard acts on behalf of the GA team to oversee the administration of the MUSH. This includes appointing CWs and overlooking the culture administrations in general, and also maintaining this list of GA jobs, assigning tasks as needed, bringing items forward for a vote and seeing them through, and basically make sure that all issues have been taken care of. The Managing Wizard is appointed by the collective body of Wizards and ultimately serves as a clearing house of responsibilities and daily operations activity of the MUSH as a whole.

Newbie Trail & Character Generation

Contact: Telperion

It is the responsibility of this GA to ensure that new players have a smooth introduction to the game. It is important that the process be as easy and intuitive as possible, while really drawing them in and grabbing their interests.


Contact: Ulmo

Purges will be done monthly, characters that have been decultured by the Local Admins will be purged from the data base.

Reserved Characters

Contact: Mandos

This GA receives and handles nominations for Reserved Characters, which includes roles named by Tolkien (Features) and characters belonging to Reserved Races (as Great Eagles, Balrogs, etc.). He is responsible for maintaining the list of locked names, as well as monitoring current RCs to ensure a reasonable level of activity and adherence to theme. Finally, it is his responsibility to ensure development and implementation of RC policy.

Stats, Training & Languages

Contact: Mandos

This admin has the duty of overseeing players' combat stats, training levels, healing skills, and language skills. Primarily, this consists of setting Features' starting STLs, and otherwise making sure that the game is going forward in a fair and thematic manner.

If a player has a complaint about any of their STLs, they should bring the matter to the attention of their CW first, rather than going directly to the STL admin. The STL admin may make a judgment in the case of an emergency, but in most cases he will want to confer with the CW anyway.

Due to overlap of responsibilities, this job is usually held by the same admin who is the Archarb and who is also in charge of Restricted Characters.

Trainers, Teachers & Healers

Contact: Mandos

Culture wardens should contact this admin in order to add or remove trainers, language teachers or healers in their cultures. At the same time, wardens should let the admin know which levels should these skills be set to: for trainers, a list of primary and secondary weapons of their choice; similar for teachers, a list of languages and to what level they should be set; and finally for healers, the level of the healing skill.


Contact: Ulmo

This person is responsible for the creation, design, content, and updating of the Beleriand Home Page at http://beleriand.mux.net/.

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